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Welcome on the official “An Indie Game Story” blog!

This is where all the exciting stuff will be announced in the future.

But what the heck is this game anyway?! you might ask.

An Indie Game Story is…

Ever dreamt of starting your own little indie game development team? Going all-in from day 1, getting freelance contracts to pay the bills and work almost 24/7 on that little gem you’re crafting called an indie game.

This is it, you can now. Start your own office, your own team, hire your own staff and create your own game concepts, even publish them!

You can make it all in An Indie Game Story.

When and where will it be released?

No release date is available right now as the game is in its early development stages, but do not worry, we’re working on it like crazy! As for where, we might push it on Desura and Steam Greenlight.

The game is for which platforms?

The game will be officially supported from day 1 on: Windows, OS X and Linux.

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Stay tuned!