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Looking for testers!

Hey everybody!

Came from Reddit and wondering what the heck is this? This is an indie game studio simulation game, interested? You can get more details here and on our IndieDB page.

You like the game? Would you like to participate in its development?

No, no, you don’t need no fancy development skills, only your eyes, your ears and the will to contribute!

I’m looking for testers for an upcoming alpha build which is due next month. This alpha testing session is for bug reports and community feedback.

This is going to be a closed alpha, so if you want to get in go ahead and get your name on the list!

In details, what I want is:

  1. People who will take the time to write bug reports using the forums.
  2. People who till take the time to submit ideas on the forums.
  3. People who want to TEST a game, this is an alpha preview so it’s far from release and there’s a lot of missing features.

If you meet these criteria, please I invite you to join in!

Ah also another surprise! The build you’re going to test is a fully enhanced build with bigger and more detailed graphics!

Keep in mind that, I will try to send emails to all the list, so it may take a while for you to receive one (don’t forget, it’s due NEXT month).

Thanks to everybody who will take the time to test the game, report bugs and submit new ideas! If not, then thanks for your interest anyway!

– Tommy

Big Visual Changes!

Hi everybody!

I’m super excited to announce that there’s big changes going on for Indie Game Story in the following weeks!

First, game graphics will be 50% bigger! Which means a new layer of details for every little in-game textures.

Why doing a resize? You’re going to have to redraw everything?!

And that is exactly what will happen! The development tileset has now been discontinued! A brand new paint will be put on the game! Yes! Every little thing is going to get refined, bigger and better!

The new arts are being drawn as we speak by an artist this time, not myself 😉

So stay connected because new arts are coming!

Development Update #2

I know, I know, last time I said monthly!

But there’s just too much going on, too much has been achieved so I must dump the changes right now or the list will be infinite!

Last week, I did the first test session. Girlfriend as the firs tester, you know what? I really think she’s talented! Because I had some very good usability feedback that made the game so much funnier!

But don’t worry, it’ll be your turn very soon! I even finished the tester registration form. For some reasons, I have one big chunk of the game I want to finish before getting testers to play it.

So here we go with latest changes!

  1. Created a new interface theme that fits more with the game.
  2. Now you’ve got a way to regenerate health! When an employee is burned out, move him/her away from the computer and the health is going to regenerate! (Or you can simply get some time without contracts, which will regenerate everybody’s health)
  3. Going to the menu now lowers the music and hide all interface elements.
  4. Added new character models again! We’ve got girls now!
  5. Added new game music.
  6. Removed the sound of keyboards when employees are working. It was really annoying during extensive gameplay testing sessions.
  7. Now rounding all salaries to the nearest hundred. That way stuff is easier to count since we will never have to deal with single dollars but always with hundreds.
  8. Introduced a new event log! This is so useful, everytime that an event occurs, it gets added to the event log, so at any time you can see what happened at what time, etc. Amazing isn’t it?
  9. Employee’s speech bubbles are now rounded and have shadows.
  10. Several bugfixes in relation between employees and contracts.
  11. Default position of employees is now face to the camera, so we can see them smile!
  12. Game now saves employees’ current energy.
  13. Lists now has a selected state which mean, better looking interfaces and smaller interfaces!
  14. Removed all “Selected” labels from the interface because of last change ^^
  15. Started to apply several code standards since the game is getting bigger and bigger.
  16. Fixed a huge bug that made time go faster exponentially every time the player opened the menu.
  17. Employees’ Attributes now level up! For the moment, for every 80 worked days an employee will gain one point in their specific job-related attribute.
  18. Days now last 5 seconds instead of 3.
  19. When you start a contract, the game now allows you 1 day to get prepared (5 seconds) so you can hire a missing employee, etc.
  20. Added a “Seniority” column to the Staff window, ah and also a “Health” column.
  21. The game now supports multiple resolutions! Even fullscreen! Still very experimental though, but basic 16:9 resolutions works flawlessly even in fullscreen.
  22. Game’s native resolution is now 1280×720.
  23. Modified the starting office a little bit to adapt to the new resolution.
  24. Fixed a super bug in the path finding class that made desks unreachable.
  25. Added some keybindings, C now opens Contracts, E opens Employees, etc.
  26. Modified menu screen a little.
  27. Added a new “Settings” item in the menu and added resolution settings in there too.
  28. When an employee gains an attribute point, he/she nows get 25% health back.
  29. If you don’t work on any contract and your balance is $0, don’t pay for anything and get some cash because you’ll be game over!
  30. If no work has been done in the last week, player now gets warned.
  31. Added a music checkbox in settings to disable/enable music.
  32. Employee windows now auto-update themselves!
  33. Obviously, many bugfixes!

I hope this pleases everybody, I’m working very hard on that game and I want it to be super good!

Thanks for reading and following Indie Game Story’s development!

– Tommy