Development Update #1

Here’s a new kind of article on the blog! Development Updates will be posted at least monthly and will talk about what’s new in the game, what has been added, removed, modified, etc.

Don’t worry, no spoiler alerts!

So this month, this happened:

  1. Added game music and all core functions to play and loop music.
  2. Created all pixel art for all the game, and still improving it almost every day.
  3. Added a “direction pointer” for when you click on an employee and right click at some place, the game now shows an arrow to where the employee is heading.
  4. Added myself to the game (why? MYSTERIES!).
  5. Modified the office layout to add a new desk (since there’s 4 different types of employee, I guess 4 desks is a good starting point!).
  6. Added speech bubbles so your employee can respond to you and tell you what’s up when something’s wrong.
  7. Added new character models for employees.
  8. Every employee makes a sound when they work (typing sound), so if a contract is ongoing and you don’t hear keyboards, ask yourself some questions to your employees!
  9. Many bugs fixed in the time/day cycle of the game.
  10. Employee now has energy that decreases every time they work.

That’s about it for the changes this month. Phew, there’s a lot going on lately!

If someone has any questions, don’t forget about the UserVoice page (you can see a feedback link in the header).

Thanks for following IGS’ development, every tiny bit of support is greatly appreciated!

– Tommy

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