The Vision #2

This is part 2 of “The Vision” article”, go check it out if you haven’t yet before reading this one!

Another week, another round of ideas, so much is happening right now! I never knew I could attract that much attention with my game. I’m very proud and excited to see this pleases so many people! So let’s keep it up and head towards that finish line!

One great big THANK YOU to all supporters, lurkers and commenters! Everytime I see someone react about the game, good or bad I can’t help myself but smile like a dumb, really happy dog that looks at his bone with delight. Thanks so much, your support is very appreciated!

You already know that Indie Game Story is a game studio simulation game. This means that every tiny detail should be modifiable, expandable and exploitable.

So based on that idea, I spent some time thinking about customization. How deep should this go? Would people like to spend hours customizing their offices? I guess so!

Without exposing too much “spoiler alert content” I’d like to talk about what part of the game will be customizable.

Every element of the office should be.

By this I mean, desks, chairs, plants, carpets, computers, etc. But I needed something more, a better reason to customize your office than simply “I like it better in blue”.

I personally don’t like in-game customizations (Eh I’m one of a kind eh?) so that’s why I decided to add bonuses to those elements.

So a better computer would be more efficient, a better chair would make the employee’s energy decrease slower, etc.

The only negative point I could find with this is the whole “World of Warcraft” gear appearance problem. Let me explain myself here:

In WoW you had to wear better gears to get better results. But more often than not, those gears looked like crap but you had no other choice than to wear it anyways since it was so much stronger. You see the point? I don’t want people to have super ugly offices for the sole reason of stats.

I’ll find a way for sure, but that’s for another article!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out our UserVoice page, share your ideas and contribute!

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