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New video update!

Hi everybody!

It’s been a long week, but we finally did it: a new video update has been uploaded!

It features updates about the game, awesome guitar solos and bloopers, you can check it out now:

We have a lot of stuff going on right now which we cannot talk about yet, but believe me all this wait will be worth it!

In this video we cover the current state of the indiegogo campaign (75% on our objective with only 5 more days to day, hurry up!), Tommy talks about last week’s alpha 1 and shows GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!

Just as a preview, here’s screenshot of what the game looked like before the campaign:


And now what it looks like with the new Artist (He agreed on doing these arts as a preview to show you guys how it’ll look if the campaign goes through):


A lot has been improved and I really believe it shows.

Here’s a sneak peek of our big announcement:

The game’s name is going to change, and a lot of stuff will happen consequent to this move 😉

You wanna know more about the game? Interested? Then head to our Indiegogo campaign page to read the whole game description.

Also don’t forget to check out our IndieDB page for more screenshots, articles, etc. Please join us on the forums as well 😉

Thanks for being such an awesome community, I love keeping you updated and love your feedback even more!

Please keep on spreading the word, we really need that 245$ that is left on the campaign, else all of this will burn (please please please no!!!)

Stay tuned, because a lot more news are going to be published next week!


Tommy / Game Developer

New Female Character!

Hi everybody!

Just decided I’d drop this new female character of ours for you! Meanwhile I’m making a new video update, and a new development update!

I present you our first female character:

image  image

Lots of exciting stuff going on right now, prepare yourself because a lot of surprises are to be announced next week!

Keep on being generous and please spread the word! We are so close to our IndieGogo campaign’s goal, we can’t stop now! Only 245$ to make it happen!

Thanks for following IGS development, thanks for spreading the word, IGS fans are the best!

Insanely Good Offer!

For the rest of the Indiegogo campaign,

The 25$ perk gives you your name in the game + TWO copies of the game on release!

And don’t forget, it also gives you an amazing digital artbook/strategy book containing dozens of unseen images and tips!

Also, anyone who already bought the 10$ tier can upgrade to the 25$ tier to get these awesome goodies!

Make it quick because there’s only a week left, let’s make this happen!

Go check it out!

Thanks everybody!

Tommy will live on Edge of Space’s livestream tonight!

The days where I was shy? (have they ever existed?) are over!

Tonight at 7PM EST Jake from the awesome Edge of Space will be playing Indie Game Story and will ask me questions about the game.

Come and join us tonight on their Twitch channel!


We also now have our own Twitch channel with which we will stream live development and live gameplay session pretty soon, so stay tuned!