Development Update #3

Last weeks have been very exciting, we’ve been working hard to get things done for an alpha later this month and I really believe we’re doing it right because everything is on track for it. So get prepare to test and don’t forget to create an account on the forums! (You will need it to report and to participate in the game’s development and research.)

If you didn’t see last DevUpdate, please click here.

So here we go, lots of fun stuff this week:

  1. Added genders to employee (so women sounds like women and men like men)
  2. Added an introductory starting tutorial (basic but effective) for new players.
  3. Added a shop from which you can buy exciting new furnitures, and place it wherever you want!
  4. Added the ability to destroy stuff you bought.
  5. Added new full animations for the main character.
  6. Added a lot of furniture and misc objects such as a vending machine, a couch, a television and more!
  7. Added a new dynamic prompt box that can be used for many purposes.
  8. Updated the interface with new colors and details
  9. You can now know what’s everybody is up to with the new employee’s states. (is he working? is he resting?)
  10. Every window containing data now automatically refresh its content.
  11. Upgraded the gaming engine to support 48px tiles instead of 32px.
  12. Changed the look of the employee profile window.
  13. Changed the starting office, added more room and now starts empty.
  14. Reworked the whole collision system to support new objects from the shop.
  15. Fixed many bugs related to animations, path finding and more.
  16. Now that you can buy computers and put them wherever you want, we add to introduce some new AI that looks for a chair and a computer around you to start working.
  17. Days are now formatted. So instead of Day #447 you’ll see 1y 2m 3w 1d. Which is clearly better.

Here’s a little preview of what you can do with furniture now:


We’re very proud with what we are currently integrating into the game, I’m even excited to play it!… but I have to finish it first eh?

Also don’t forget about our ongoing Indiegogo campaign which needs your help if we want to get this game done. If you can’t donate please at least take a minute and share the campaign on social networks!

Thanks for being such an awesome community, for giving us so much feedback. We have so much alpha registrations, I still can’t believe it!

See you soon for more awesomeness!

– Tommy

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