Indiegogo Campaign: Day 4

Hi everybody!

I’m very excited to tell you that we are currently at 25% of our objective. Lots of stuff is happening, the game is on total fire!

The campaign is doing great, multiple websites is talking about the game and so much people is supporting the game I still can’t believe how awesome the community is!

About the game, we’ve been making major breakthroughs this week which will allow us to publish a new gameplay video next week! The video will be showing off brand new animations and the basic shop mechanics such as how to buy stuff and put it in your offices.

For those who never heard of the game, today is a good day to go check it out! Just head to our indiegogo campaign and check it out, our campaign page is filled with great content about it.

Please take a second, and share our campaign page on social networks (check the image below). This helps us to get the word out and to be sure we’ll make it to 100%

Oh and if you have 1$ left somewhere, please be generous!

Thanks for all the support, for all the awesome comments everywhere and stay tuned for more awesomeness soon!

– Tommy

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