Let’s get it done faster! (Indie Game Story needs your help)

Today is a crucial day for Indie Game Story. It’s the first day of our Indiegogo campaign. This next month will decide if the game gets serious or not.

Let me explain, Indie Game Story is currently developed by Tommy Bergeron (myself). I personally am a freelance developer. I freelance to get money to pay the bills and the game’s development. To develop a game, it takes lots of time, efforts and sometimes a little bit of money.

Last week I decided to make a total repaint of the game to get a broader audience and also because it was simply not attractive enough (in my opinion) but getting awesome looking arts isn’t free unfortunately.

The goal of this campaign is to get enough funds to pay for all the game’s arts. Primarily for graphics, but also for better music, a Steam Greenlight license and maybe more awesome stuff for the game if we get enough support from the community.

First tier begins at only 1$ and for only 10$ you can get priority alpha & beta access + the full game on release. Nice deal, uh? You can also give more if you want, which could give you super cool bonuses!

If the campaign reach its goal, the game will be officially announced for next September. This would be a wonderful goal to have, which is very possible since I wouldn’t have to draw everything by myself anymore (same for sounds, etc).

Every dollar counts, so please if you have 1$ lonely waiting in your PayPal account: you know now know what to do with it! =)

Go check the campaign out on Indiegogo, thanks for your time, your donations and for all the support you give me day after day.

– Tommy

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