This Needs Clarification

First day of the campaign is done, had a lot of feedback from the community. Already at 12% of our objective (thanks everybody!), it’s a pleasure to see that there’s so many people out there giving us thumbs up. But there’s also a part of the community who doesn’t think Indie Game Story is a wanted game, which greatly saddens me.

People seems very picky about using the word “Story” in a game title of the same genre of GameDevStory. I’m a bit upset to see that people aren’t able to tell the difference between a mobile game and a full fledged simulation game.

I hate to talk badly about people, but I love to agree with them. I agree, using the word “Story” wasn’t the best choice ever made for a game of the same genre as GameDevStory. But I thought it was catchy, friendly and I loved the “IGS” acronym.

I love when people ask me questions, because it gives me a chance to convince them about the game and most of the time I do convince people.

So here’s another attempt at convincing you, dear gamers.

When I was 12, there was a PC game called “Theme Hospital”. This game at the time, blew me away because it was super fun, casual yet complex just enough. (Please look it up if you don’t know about it).

This was my first love story with a simulation game. (I played Sim City at the time but wasn’t fervent of it yet). It had employee management, you even had to build your own hospital which was awesome.

I want to make a game like that, a little less complicated though. I want you to feel love for your office, for your employee, I want you to think about them and love them as much as I do right now.

I want to make it casual, yet competitive. I want people to play it for a long time, justifying why I want to make monthly updates once the game is released. I want it to be fun, entertaining and interactive.

GameDevStory is very fun but not interactive. You hire employees, get contracts, get a license, create a game, sell it and ALL of this made in like 10 touches of your finger. Almost no interactions at all. Do not get me wrong, I love GameDevStory and I bought it when I got my first iPhone 3GS and I never stopped playing it.

That’s where I’m heading with my project. I’m not a dreamer, I build stuff. I know my game is a totally different game than what people seems to think, so now it’s my job to keep on convincing people about it.

To the ones who support me, I love you all, thanks for working so hard to make sure this dream gets accomplished.

PS: If you have suggestions, comments, flames or anything else I’m always there open for your call. You can tweet me on @tommybergeron, post on one of the multiple reddit threads that are going on right now or simply email me.

– Tommy

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