Alpha 2 Roadmap is live!

Today I finally make the Alpha 2 Roadmap public!

Coming from social networks and wondering what the heck is Indie Game Story about? Please check out the About The Game page!

This implies two things:

  1. I openly share the way I’ll attack the development. (see FAQ)
  2. I openly share what I’m developing and its progress.

If you check the roadmap page, you’ll see a top progress bar which is used to show the overall progress and then there’s categories with their own progress bars that demonstrate wether or not those specific features are ready.

Stay tuned on that page as it will be updated weekly with plenty of different things. Sometimes I will post screenshots for features, sometimes it will be videos, etc.

There’s still no estimated date for the Alpha 2 yet, but just for a heads up alpha registration should open by next month.

Things are getting into shape lately, I’ve been writing a lot of story-related stuff and I also rethought major parts of the game to add even more personality, challenges and fun to it.

Expect a constant flow of surprises from now on!

Thanks for staying with us, we really love our community!

PS: By joining forums, you’re automatically getting exclusive access to stuff so join the fun now! There’s even new goodies available right now! You can read the announcement here.

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