And it all started moving again!

Finally moved to a new apartment, got a brand new awesome office in which I’ll be able to spend more time on game development which is big news!

I never felt that good in my entire life, I feel productive, I work on several projects with success and I really feel good about jumping back to IGS development. Over the last months, I kept on refining the game design and came up with cool ideas featuring prototyping games to unlock new genres and CEO daily tasks. With such a refined design, I now know the direction I want to take the game into and I feel I’m getting close to something I can call alpha 2.

I cannot wait to let people play the new engine, the game has come a long way from alpha 1 with a total rewrite using the Unity3D game engine and a total game design revamp. It’s going to be buggy but you’re going to love it!

Forums are down. I woke up one morning to find out that our forums were totally flooded by 100 000+ spam messages. I didn’t wanted to totally erase the current boards because they were full of nice comments and ideas but I also didn’t wanted to spend hours removing those spam bots and making sure everything is clean again. I might roll up new forums as alpha 2 approaches who knows?

IRC is dead. Unfortunately, the network we were onto is almost dead so is our channel. I’m thinking on starting a new one with the forums relaunch but I’m still juggling between networks.

Backers, I’m not forgetting about you! Expect an email in the coming weeks about your funder perks, perks production should restart soon.

I dream of the day I release alpha 2, I loved the whole alpha 1 adventure and I just want more! Thanks for your support, you’re all amazing. Meanwhile if you want to keep in touch with me you can follow @tommybergeron.

One thought on “And it all started moving again!

  1. croc12

    I haven’t showed sign of life for a really long time Tom, sorry 🙁
    I’m still 100% behind you two and I will try my best to follow your project.


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