About The Game

Ever dreamed about releasing your own game? About managing your own studio? Or do you simply love simulation games?

Indie Game Story is a game studio simulation game with tiny little bits of RPG poured into it. It has  been in development for the past months now, had been on Indiegogo to raise funds to get going, and is developed by Tommy Bergeron.

The Beginning

It’s about starting small, having big dreams and push them to success. In this game you are who you want to be, you take your own decisions influencing the fate of your very own game studio.

Starting Area Final Draft!

Starting Area Final Draft!

You start by picking your main character. This character will be your center of activity, every decision will have to be taken by this character. Basically, it’s your incarnation through the game.

Starting in your parent’s basement, you have to raise money by doing quick jobs and contracts, carefully manage the incoming money until you can one day leave the basement and go on somewhere else. That’s where the fun starts.

Moving On

Visit offices, decide whether or not you want to rent them. No one is the perfect fit? Then just buy a commercial space and completely build your own! But I warn you, the bigger your office will be, the more staff will be needed. You have to properly take care of your space with Janitors or else your employees will lose morale and might even resign!

Gotta make them work! / Alpha 1 Screenshot

Gotta make them work! / Alpha 1 Screenshot

Once moved somewhere else, you’ll be able to hire new type of employees like IT Techs to prevent your computers from getting viruses.

There’s No Easy Way

Plenty of obstacles will be in your way. No more electricity?! Did you forget to pay your bills? Did you make sure that your employees have a space to chill out? An insanely good developer has moved into town, you definitively should hire him. But which one will you let go?

Create Your Own Games

Once you’ve got the control over your enterprise, you’ll be able to start thinking about what games you want to develop. Will it be an Action RPG or a Sports Team Simulator? Do you have enough money to pay for the licensing fees to publish on a console or will you simply release your first game on the PC?

The important point is to choose the right game for the right team. Did any of your employees ever worked on something special? Check their history and chose accordingly to their competences.

More To Come

I can’t say more about the game yet because some of it it’s still in our heads and in our notebooks. We still have to take a lot of decisions before handing the game to you, would you like to contribute to the game? You’d love your own ideas into it don’t you? Then join us on the forums where you can discuss and suggest new ideas!

New objects and characters!

Stay tuned!

The game is currently in active development, and has no fixed release date yet. A floating objective would be before 2014 but we never know which crazy idea I might decide to add into the game before then!