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Where’s the rest of the roadmap?

The workflow I decided to adopt is very similar to the widely known Agile workflow. What that means is that I take the game’s development chunk by chunk. First chunk is the “looking for work aka Contracts” chunk and the next ones will include several new game features. The reasons why I decided to operate that way are:

  1. One chunk per alpha, that way everyone can focus on what’s in the works and talk about the same features. Making development easier for a one developer team.
  2. Every chunk will bring its set of features and story development, that way if some part of the game is incoherent with another, I can quickly react and adapt it for the next chunk instead of having hours of refactoring to do. 

Will there be more content added every alpha?

Sure! I wish I could write every little thing I have in mind for the game to make people realize how complete this game will be when done hehe. I’m not going insane and feature creeping to death, every feature I have in mind just feels natural with the game and will help player develop a “belonging” feeling towards the game. Because the character story and progression I want to give to the game, will be unique, full of dynamic events and decisions making every game totally different.

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