First UI Preview! aka Screenshot Saturday!

We’re really excited to finally show a preview of next alpha’s UI. We’ve been working on it a lot in the last months and kept it secret all the way but today’s the day!

You’ve been linked here and you’re wondering what is this game? Go check our “About The Game” page!

So here’s this week’s Screenshot Saturday entry!

UI Preview

UI Preview

If you put some attention to the details in this screenshot, you’ll notice a few unannounced features. Some might or might not be in the next alpha, such as time controls, etc.

There’s still a few tweaks to add, but all in all we’re really satisfied with the results. It’s going to be even more cooler once it’s integrated in the game and you’ll be playing with it ­čśë

Meanwhile,┬áIndie Game Story┬áhas been slowly forging its own game genre playing between standards simulation games and story-driven RPGs. I’ve been planning for the whole month and I think we really found something no one did in the past, a way to make you feel like a real indie game developer. That’s the RPG side, the morale, the depression, the determination, the consequences coming with each aspects. We’re working on a totally immersive player experience based on your own character (you’ll have to pick a character at the beginning which is the reason why people are donating.┬áYou can have yourself drawn in the game with your own name!┬á

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about this one, this is the first time we show the UI which is a big deal for us.

We published a Roadmap last week, giving you the opportunity to sneak on the game’s development, with detailed feature list, percentages and more goodies! Go check it out, it’s definitively exciting to look at!

Stay tuned for even more awesomeness coming in the next weeks! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed!

Alpha 2 Roadmap is live!

Today I finally make the Alpha 2 Roadmap public!

Coming from social networks and wondering what the heck is Indie Game Story about? Please check out the About The Game page!

This implies two things:

  1. I openly share the way I’ll attack the development. (see FAQ)
  2. I openly share what I’m developing and its progress.

If you check the roadmap page, you’ll see a top progress bar which is used to show the overall progress and then there’s categories with their own progress bars that demonstrate wether or not those specific features are ready.

Stay tuned on that page as it will be updated weekly with plenty of different things. Sometimes I will post screenshots for features, sometimes it will be videos, etc.

There’s still no estimated date for the Alpha 2 yet, but just for a heads up alpha registration should open by next month.

Things are getting into shape lately, I’ve been writing a lot of story-related stuff and I also rethought major parts of the game to add even more personality, challenges and fun to it.

Expect a constant flow of surprises from now on!

Thanks for staying with us, we really love our community!

PS: By joining forums, you’re automatically getting exclusive access to stuff so join the fun now! There’s even new goodies available right now! You can read the announcement here.

So what now? Here’s what’s coming up next!

After announcing our new engine last week, let’s see what you should expect in the coming weeks.

A Roadmap!

We are currently building a roadmap for our next alpha. It will list all game features and content that the alpha will feature with more details and that roadmap will get updated weekly with the actual progress. That way people will be able to watch the development progress and that will answer lots of questions you might have about next alpha.

New Account System + Next Alpha Registration

We’ll migrate from our current Google Docs-based alpha tester registration to a new and better system that will handle and validate testers account. It will also handle game keys which will be required starting next alpha as well as game downloads.

It will probably be linked to forums accounts if I have enough time to develop such behaviour.

Another Surprise?!

I usually don’t really like surprises, but what’s coming up next just need to stay in the dark until it’s fully ready for public release. So expect another big change for Indie Game Story, one change that will change the game forever.

Is it a new┬ámascot? An Atari release? Maybe we hired a super crazy Russian developer who will develop the whole game in a night and we will release it next week? Hum I doubt so but think about something that will change the image of the game ­čśë

Stay tuned, more on that surprise to come later this month!

Rock on!

Game has been rewritten, here’s what that means!

Hi everybody!

Wondering what’s this game? Take a second and check out our About page!

First I’d like to begin with, I am so excited! It’s been a little over a full month since our Indiegogo campaign which went super fine. During that campaign month, the game lived its first “alpha testing“. During that testing session, we discovered that many aspects of the game needed improvement and lots of work sometimes because of the 2D engine not being able to crunch enough numbers for the game to be enjoyable. This caused me a lot of worries which is why during the last month:

The game has been totally rewritten from scratch with a new engine.

Yes that’s right, what you played has been trashed. It’s been a long painful learning month but I’m extra proud of the results and the game will look & shine as good as it primary was inside my head.

But wait it’s not over, trashing what has been done brings another advantage: The whole game concept went back to the planning board. Don’t worry though, it’s still the same game, basically the same goal and for the same audience.

Last week I published a GIF of what the new engine looks like, here it is:

Lights & Shadows Demo

Lights & Shadows Demo

Ready to see what brings these changes? Check this out.

Changes the game rewrite brings:

  1. Introduced new camera & zoom controls! Now you can move the camera around using WASD and the mouse scroll to zoom in/out.
  2. New engine now renders lights & shadows!
  3. Better GUI (graphical user interface) in the game, bringing cool features such as resizable windows, and lots of stability.
  4. New engine is faster & stronger now supports hundreds on-screen employees at runtime compared to the old engine was supporting only 20!
  5. New Time Manager, days will now use a complete time-based system instead of the old simple day-based system. (That means there will be date AND time in the game)
  6. Better collisions and AI. Employees will try to find a way of getting where they need to go by themselves and won’t stop pushing everything in the way to get to that destination (pushing other NPCs not objects!)
  7. Fullscreen support (any resolution) & Resizable game window!
  8. Better debugging & logging features for alpha/beta bug reporting.
  9. Lots of new possibilities for introducing mods to the game! (More details will be announced in the future about that one).

Changes to the game concept/story:

Please keep in mind that these are planned changes/features and might not be part of the next alpha.

  1. You’ll now have to select a primary character who will later become the CEO of your game studio.
  2. Game will be more story-driven, based on that selected primary character.
  3. More decision-oriented and event-driven (hard choices to make which might result in breaking an employee’s heart for the good sake of your studio, etc).
  4. Introducing more advanced Artificial Intelligence for employees. They will now move by themselves and will be wise enough to decide wether they should work or leave the office.
  5. Contracts & Employee Attributes have been scrapped and are in an ongoing brainstorm (details might end up in a next Vision article, stay tuned)
  6. Game will now have a day/night cycle, so employees will have to leave at night and get back to work the next morning, etc.
  7. New character classes will be introduced such as IT Guys and Janitors. (Janitors will work during a night shift (during the night)).

Want more details about the new engine?

The new game engine is basically Unity. But as some might already know, it’s a 3D engine and we’re building a 2D game. So a lot had to be developed such as 2D path finding, 2D pixel perfect cameras to have that perfect 2D look, 2D lights, character animations, character movement and so much more. So yes basically it’s Unity but with a whole layer of goodies made by myself and some awesome helpers I had while learning the whole thing.

The game is now programmed using C# but uses JSON for many of its data-related applications. Which means there’s a good chance of supporting super simple JSON mods ­čśë

Want to try the new engine?

A demo of the engine is available right now, featuring a very simple demo of the starting area with lights & shadows, basic character movements (click on character, right click to move), camera controls, basic time display and a FPS display to monitor performance.

You can download it here! It’s only for Windows right now, having a problem? Please go on our forums, we’ll make sure to fix your issue!

What about the future?

The game is now going back to its “less secretive” state, even if there’s still lots of stuff to announce but since that other stuff isn’t ready yet we’ll hold on a little before announcing anything else.

Looking to know when will be the next alpha? All I can say right now it’s that development is going very fast and we might open up alpha tester registration next month ­čśë

That’s a lot of changes for the past month, I hope you understand why the month has been silent. I really needed to concentrate on that hard task of┬árewriting┬áthe game but now that it’s over and all the changes are on the table, development updates, vision articles and all that good stuff will come back live every weeks!

Comments? Suggestions? Please join us on the forums, we really throw a bunch of goodies to the community so if you like the game take a second to check them out. (That lights & shadows demo GIF have been there since last week so there’s┬ádefinitively┬áthings you’ll see on the forums that you won’t ever see on the blog and you’ll get a chance to chat with the whole team!)

I really cannot wait for next alpha testing session! Stay tuned.

Thanks for your patience, and for being awesome fans!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @IndieGameStory2┬áand myself the game developer at @TommyBergeron!

Starting Area Update!

Hey fellow IGS fans!

This week’s Screenshot Saturday is a second draft for the starting area. It now features new awesomely lame things such as a water heater, a washing machine, etc.

UPDATE:┬áHere’s the final draft before integrating it into the game!

Starting Area Final Draft!

Starting Area Final Draft!

Why?┬áBecause it’s where you start, it’s crappy, it’s not an office, and it’s the hard way to start your indie game developer career. Like we’re all doing in real life. I want the game to be fun but still to simulate an indie game developer’s life kinda accurately. It may not be how we all began but it’s how most of us did begin ­čśë

Hope you enjoy the new shot, stay connected for more soon!